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What is Locavore365.org? - Locavore365.org is a free site with two goals; to enable people anywhere in the world, find or advertise, locally produced food. And to help develop and strengthen local communities.>>>>

Why become a Locavore? - Because it tastes better when its fresher! Locavores always enjoy the benefits of fresh, healthy, and locally grown food. Also by becoming a locavore you will be supporting local businesses and farmers.


What is a locavore? - Locavores consume foods that are grown within a local area - often within 100 miles. A couple of motivations of locavores are; to support local businesses, and local food is often fresher, and therefore healthier >>>>

The locavore challenge - Take up the locavore365 challenge, our challenge is to live 365 days of the year on locally produced food. It tastes fresher, is cheaper, and you will strengthen your local community.

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